About Us


Proud of Our Roots

Back in 2005 When a loved one was told in her family they need to watch their dietary and sugar intake it automatically made her aware of her own diet. This is what happened to the founder of Delicate Delights, her father was told that he needed to start watching his diet and was at risk of diabetes. She noticed her father was eating big brand cereal bars instead of snacking on crisps and other junk foods. Alarm bells began ringing when the family saw that sugar levels always came on the high side even though his whole diet had been given a full overhaul.
Her brother who is a health fanatic kept an eye on their fathers food intake and then noticed that the so called Healthy snacks he was consuming were actually jam packed with the following- sugar, glucose syrup, Dextrose, artificial sugars & artificial/Flavours.
She then began making mixed seeds and berry treats at home without the use of sugary syrups, which became a big hit amongst friends and family and with the help from her Father & Mother the rest as they say is History, Our humble begginings.


Our Ethos

The absolutely BEST tasting allergy friendly and gluten free healthy natural products. Eggs, Nuts, Gluten, Soy, Dairy and many more allergens are kept out of our facilities close to no risk of cross contamination.

We proudly make a full lines of original, egg free, dairy free, vegan snacking treats, which are made using only the best all natural, , 100% plant-based, GMO-free ingredients & kosher. We are pleased to offer both a nut free line and a gluten free lines on our bars and cookies. 

We believe in having a Pure Vegan environment you can trust.

Many other Brands facilities have the use of milk, nuts and eggs yet still call their products suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. We don’t bring items we wouldn’t eat ourselves onto our premises.


Our Vision

We also want to bring awareness to allergies and being more cautious of what everyone consumes. In a day and age where its easy to consume Chemicals, pesticides and synthetics we want make people more aware and more open to plant based foods! 

We Supply to



People are now looking for better heather options for snacks to give their family and loved ones. They are now smarter shopped and we love that! Perfect additions to the free from Isle. We also want to bring awareness to allergies and being more cautious for those around us who have these dietary issues. 


Airports & Inflight

We have a wide range of snacks, all of which are Vegan, ambient & perfect size for Airline trays. These are great addition to Buy’on’board menus and to regular in flight services. All of our products abstain from Eggs, Meat and Alcohol making this perfect for all passengers saving time and money when purchasing. With our team of experts in bespoke products if you need it we can make it! Our NPD team keeps upto date with all trends and understands Airline/Airport catering needs. We are flexible and understand the needs of the passengers as well as the Airline so we offer options from singlar items, duo packs or 5 item snack packs with customised co-branded packging options.


Schools & Canteens

Our products are always a hit in grab and go scenarios. The new generation want healthy snacks on the go and now more than ever in Vegan options. easy to eat and without the guilt. 


Hotels & Cafe's

There are many ways to incorporate extra streams of revenue in the hotel business, our products are perfect for hotel snack trays, mini bars and over the counter snack boxes saving the client having to struggle with vending machines. Our bars and cookies are a perfect addition to the counter grab and go compulsive by selection. 



Delicate Delights strives to become a household name and has products that are suitable for bulk supply for Wholesalers. Everyone is becoming health conscious and shops are requesting products the consumer wants. Vegan, School friendly, Egg free products perfect for your clients Free from Isle. 


Food Service & Events

Having our products at places such as hospitals, offices,  hotel food service counters is a great place to have products that fit all peoples eating habits from all different backgrounds. In a multicultural society everyone has a different degree of dietry needs which makes it hard for purchasing departments.  This saves the procurement teams having to purchase small amounts of niche products from different suppliers, consolidate your purchasing with Delicate Delights.